10 minutes with DMC PR’s MD/influencer Golf Peach

by Jasmine Burford on 23rd Oct 2018

Monday – Friday 9 to 5pm DMC PR’s director Susan Tyldesley is swarmed with emails and the responsibility of running our busy interiors PR agency. After that, she heads off to the range to let off steam and perfect her swing. Last year, Susan decided to start documenting her passion for golf on Instagram; in part a hobby, but also a social experiment born out of personal intrigue. Just months later, with her love for the sport evident through her regular feed and story content, her following had grown exponentially. Now she is not only boss lady extraordinaire but microinfluencer over at GolfPeach, her Instagram feed for sharing all things golf.

In a rare 10 minutes of “down” time, we took to grilling her about what she has learnt from her side hustle as an “Instagrammer”:

What inspired you to start GolfPeach?  
My business is PR and Social Media. I wanted my own personal channel to more fully understand the point of view of an influencer. I knew that the most successful social media topics to focus on are ones you are passionate about. I have a huge passion for golf – and I had plenty of content to get me kick started in terms of photos and video clips of me golfing in beautiful locations around the world – and so I started my Instagram account @GolfPeach

What was your biggest revelation about the Instagram world?
 I was absolutely amazed that so many people followed me so quickly however I soon came to understand just how big the golf community on Instagram was. Engagement via comments on my feed made me realise that the content I was sharing was relatable with lots of other golfers, both male and female, and that spurred me on to continue.

What Instagram features works best with your audience? Video – especially a golf swing! Nothing gets more engagement as other golfers all give you their views on your swing – the good , the bad and the ugly!

What one thing would you tell any start up businesses or personal brands just starting out with an Instagram presence and trying to build exposure?  Be genuine, be focused, stay with your theme and engage(!) with your audience.  After all it is SOCIAL media. Make it two way - show how you are also interested in other similar Instagrammers by looking, liking and commenting.

Where do you get inspiration from for your content?
Almost always it involves me actually playing golf, but also meeting other golfers, reading about topical issues and news around golf, and sharing my views and opinions on these.

How do mainstream influencer channels differ to those that are more niche like Golf Peach?
 I think when you focus on a singular topic (especially perhaps if it is more niche), there is far higher engagement. I know I have a much higher engagement than some influencers who have 20 times as many followers.  It also makes for a better partnership for those brands that operate in a niche industry.  For example, there is not much point in Titleist golf balls teaming up with a general sports blogger – but an Instagrammer that has 4000 golfers following them makes much more sense.  

What do you think the future holds for influencers?
 I think influencers are here to stay. Those who genuinely engage with their followers and have a true passion for what they do will succeed. Those seeking an ‘easy’ way to fame and fortune will fail!

What are your plans to grow Golf Peach in the next 12 months?
 I would love to reach 10,000 because I can then do swipe ups which I think are a really vital tool for driving traffic to your blog or to the websites of brands you are working for. I write blogs for Golf Monthly and Lady Golfer magazine and at the moment have to put the link in my bio and hope people visit it. Swipe ups will definitely help me gain more visibility in the golfing world!

What would be THE dream opportunity to come from your influencer status? Great question! For Golfino to ask me to become a brand ambassador!!

Do niche influencers serve a different purpose to those who are followed by a mass audience? I truly do believe that working with microinfluencers offer brands a greater and much more cost effective way of reaching a specific audience. Brands should spend more time looking at the % engagement rather than just being blown away by the number of followers when seeking influencers to partner. The active microinfluencer can usually offer far greater value for money than the macroinfluencer.  For example, working with 5 microinfluencers  with a small but focused audience, rather than one macroinfluencer with a broader, less focused audience will reap much better results for a brand which has a much more specific target audience. I think 2019 will see many more brands start to use this tactic within their influencer marketing strategy.

Why do your followers follow Golf Peach? What is unique and interesting about your account?  I am not totally sure haha! I guess being a woman golfer on social media is not so common plus I blog and discuss all sort of golf related topics, all of which people have an opinion on and want their chance to voice their thoughts too.  I am also very much ‘what you see is what you get’ – I am not pretending to be any more than I am, and am very honest about my ups and downs, successes and failures, joys and frustrations, which I believe all golfers go through! I think authenticity is really key for anyone trying to gain a following on Instagram.

What has your experience of working with brands been like?
 I am very picky, so have not done a major project with any brands yet, but if the right brand came along I would be happy to become an ambassador and work with them. I loved working with Swedish company Elvine Clothing on an Urban golf promotion and have also done some promotions with Duca Del Cosmo as well as Lynx Golf.

 For insightful discussion on all things golf, go and give http://golfpeach.co.uk/ a read!