DMC announces new Associate Director

by Emma McSweeney on 18th Feb 2020

We are delighted to introduce our new associate director, Meg (back!) to the DMC team as a consultant and mentor. 

Meg began her career in public relations with DMC over 15 years ago and it was clear she was going to go places then! Following her time working at DMC, Meg spread her PR wings and in the intervening years has worked with many high-profile consumer brands and celebrities.

A sharp communicator with an astonishing array of contacts, from lifestyle press, health, beauty and wellness to national news editors, she has worked both agency-side and in-house for major global organisations. 

With journalistic experience herself, she is also passionate about unearthing a brand’s stories and bringing them to life in a compelling way, ensuring journalists have the key news hooks they need. Essentially, she knows what makes a good story. She has also run copywriting/content creation teams and global press offices, with strong experience launching products to the right media, arranging press trips and creatively bringing a brand to life.