DMC takes on golf lesson challenge

by Emma McSweeney on 30th Aug 2018

The DMC team took to the range this month for our first ever group golf lesson. Following in the footsteps of our MD and golf-novice turned golf addict and micro influencer, Susan Tyldesley aka GolfPeach, we decided to see if we have what it takes to survive an afternoon on the green.

With the ‘experience’ of just a few rounds of crazy golf between us, the etiquette, patience and all-consuming practice that the game commandeers seemed world’s away. Fortunately we were in good hands; our coach for the day was one of Bearwood Lake’s finest teachers – Adam Drury PGA. After a whistle-stop tutorial on refining our grip we were set to go. Needless to say the afternoon provided hundred of laughs, a few ‘beat the boss’ moments and, perhaps most importantly, some inspiration and clarity on what you can do when put your mind to something. We’re not saying we’ve found our calling, but after just a few rounds we could definitely feel ourselves getting into the swing (sorry) of things. The fresh air blew away the cobwebs after a busy morning in the office and we were soon cheering each other on when the ball travelled a little bit further than the last.

It’s easy to see how the green has acted as both a networking forum and an escape from the boardroom since the dawn of time. Will we be taking it up full time? Probably not. Do we have the confidence to go to a client or industry golf day now? Yes (after a few more lessons!) If you’d asked us 24 hours before it would have a been a definite no. For our PR team, the afternoon became a fun team bonding exercise. And it’s not just golf we’ll be practicing. Each month we’ll be picking a new extra-curricular activity to try that one of us is passionate about. Watch this space.

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