Fisher & Paykel discusses health and wellness at RIBA

by Hollie Siddique on 23rd Sep 2019

This month, DMC travelled to London to attend the RIBAJ Design & Architecture for better Health & Wellbeing seminar where we heard a number of different perspectives on health and wellness in the home. Speakers included Fisher & Paykel, Kerakoll, Oliver Heath and Mole Architects who spoke on an array of topics from cohousing projects to biophilic design.

Mark Elmore, who flew over from New Zealand, spoke on the topic of the Therapeutic Power of the Social Kitchen in order to discuss the changing purpose of the kitchen space; what was once a small cramped space based on the working triangle is now an open space used to entertain with distributed appliances. Fisher & Paykel brought a touch of New Zealand to the seminar with Peter Gordon’s Crosstown inspired doughnuts.

DMC arranged for Fisher & Paykel to be a part of this enlightening and educational seminar whereby F&P could address an audience of 100 architects and designers – the perfect opportunity for the premium appliance brand who are looking to work with top architects and designers on projects!