Gone with the wind; UK press love BLUEAIR

by Maeve de Bordons on 17th Jun 2019

In PR, like in life, one of the most essential elements is timing. Whether this is sending the right email to the right person, having a lightbulb moment while reading an article or meeting the perfect client at the ideal time. This is what happened when world experts in air purification Blueair from Sweden entrusted with their brand back in early March. In a time of global outcry at the woes of climate change and the risks of air pollution, Blueair seek to bring clean air to everyone through their world-leading air purifiers. We immediately gravitated towards their passion for clean air, even trying out their air purifiers in our office during peak pollen season much to the joy our hay fever suffering team.

In the three months that we have been working for Blueair we have already achieved great coverage for them, from a feature in Metro’s Lust List, to the Daily Mail, the Sunday Times, Trusted Reviews and Which?.  We are pleased to find that the UK press is treating air quality as an important topic of discussion. By working with Blueair, we have also learnt about other eco-friendly initiatives in the world of interiors, such as renowned architect Oliver Heath’s work in biophilic architecture. Oliver is currently, testing a Blueair air purifiers in his own office and home and showed it off in a recent Instagram post.

Most recently, Blueair has launched its Cabin in-car air purifier which cleans the air in a car in under six minutes. Most people spend a great amount of time in cars and being able to guarantee clean air while commuting to work or taking your children to school is becoming increasingly fundamental in people’s lives. This sparked a great opportunity with Channel 5’s famous The Gadget Show, which will be featuring the Cabin air purifier at the end of the month.

At DMC we like to make sure we strive to achieve the best opportunities for our clients and, in the past three months of working with Blueair, we have been delighted to find creative ways to give their products the visibility they deserve, as their mission for clean air is a cause that affects us all.