Influencer Interview: Twice the Health

by Emma McSweeney on 9th Oct 2017

Fresh off the back of major brand collaborations, which have taken them to Morocco and Turkey alone in the last few weeks, Twice the Health are soaring high with no sign of stopping. We caught up with them during a quick pit stop of a hectic weekend (in which they both achieved half marathon personal bests!) to discuss all things fitness and PR. As long time TTH fans and partners since they first launched, DMC couldn't be happier to share an exclusive look behind the scenes of being TTH. Thanks to the lovely Hannah (H) and Emily (E) for chewing the (healthy) fats with us!


What does an average day in life of a fitness blogger look like?

Every day is different, and for us that’s the beauty of it. Waking up times tend to vary between around 5.00am and 7.00am. We’ll then tend to train early morning, one after the other with our fab coach Brad, before having breakfast at home, FFF for H [Fresh Fitness Food - a bespoke nutrition company] and a big bowl’a oats for E. The next few hours tend to revolve around emails and campaign work. We’ll put together a to do list each, and work through each separately supporting each other with necessary spelling amendments/scientific facts! After putting the brains to work we’ll refuel with a big shared lunch dish, normally a salad featuring mixed grains and fish or meat protein source. We’ll then always wrap things up with a piece of dark chocolate! The afternoon is usually when we’ll head out the house, either to film workouts or head to meetings. Often we’ll either walk or cycle to these if possible!  We tend to return home for dinner around 7pm, unless we have a brand or social event which have become more regular as the years go on! Bed time ideally falls around 10pm, but if it’s an extra early alarm we’re more than happy to make it a little earlier!


Hannah and Emily from Twice the Health have amassed an engaged following of more than 44,000 fitness fans on Instagram thanks to their motivating content and great taste in matching exercise gear.


What’s Twice the Health's greatest achievement to date?

This is a toughie! In the least cheesy way possible we think it’s building the brand we’re so very proud of right up to this day. We have come on leaps and bounds, and achieved so much more than we ever even planned. We cannot wait to see what else we can with it! In terms of physical challenge it would have to be The Grand Canyon… that will always have a special place in our heart, kicking off the craziness to come.


What is the one question you get asked most often by PR’s and followers?
"Do we ever argue?”… The answer is no, not really. Occasionally we bicker, but usually we’re just hungry and it can be quickly solved by some nibbles and a cuppa'


On average how many offers from PR agencies do you get per week offering collaborations, invitations, or other opportunities?

This varies! It’s a bit like buses, we’ll have a quiet few days, then suddenly they pour through! Events tend to be a little more frequent, averaging 2/3 invitations a week!


What is the one thing you value in a good PR agency?

The key thing here is that they understand us, and we understand them. We’ve been lucky enough to work with many excellent PR companies who have all been incredible in being sure to know our brand and what best fits us.


Twice the Health have attended Jessops Academy Photography classes (a DMC PR client) in the past, documenting the tips they picked up on Instagram and their blog.

Do you have PR pet peeves?

Yes, when they don’t send us matching items. We hate to be ungrateful, but if it ain’t matching it ain’t gonna work! This links with the above. Also, we hate when people chase us for content we never agreed to. Often PR companies send us product, which is incredibly kind of them, but sometimes it doesn’t quite fit our brand therefore we won’t post about it. We’re often then hounded by them for content from the product we didn’t ask for, nor agreed to. Again, we hate to be ungrateful, but it’s no good if it doesn’t align with us!


What would you say PR agencies, the media or brands consider to be a good indication of a blogger’s success and influence (i.e. likes, followers, engagement, links with big brands)

We think engagement is the biggest thing, as it’s definitely something we’re working on. It shows your audience care about you, and what you’re doing, as opposed to just following you because they feel they should. The other thing is authenticity. If there’s no passion in what you do it’s obvious, and we think agencies have become hot on this over the last year!       


Branding is just as crucial for digital influencers as it is a corporate business. How has the story of your dynamic duo evolved into your brand?

We always say this is a little by accident, because really the brand is just us. It’s a very honest insight into our lives, and our love for what we do. There’s no secrets in that!


How do you think the influencer market will evolve in the years to come? Keeping in mind it has changed hugely in just the last 2-3 years.

We hope it will continue in the same way it has been these last few months. We think it’s taken a little while, but we’ve all begun to find our niche and this is incredible important in evolving the influencer market. There’s no point us all constantly striving for the same thing, as we’re all so different and that’s what makes us so fabulously. We don’t think this boom is anywhere near on its way out, and we’re incredibly excited to continue growing with it!