So, you want to work in PR? A welcome Q&A with our newest recruits

by Jasmine Burford on 2nd Oct 2019

As business booms at DMC PR and more opportunities to grow continue to present themselves, we’re delighted to announce that new recruits and promotions have been happening in our team.

Hollie was hired back in March and impressed us so much with how quickly she took to the role that she has already climbed the ranks from PR & Social Media Assistant to Executive, which opened up a space for us to bring in our newest recruit, Corey. We recently managed to pull the pair away from their desks to chat about how they came to pursue a career in PR, their roles at DMC and their goals for the future.


So, why don’t we start with you both telling us a bit about yourselves:

C: Well, I’m originally from South Wales and moved to the not-so-big-city of Reading to study English Literature and Language at University when I was 18. I really enjoyed studying and, when I graduated, decided to stay at University of Reading for another year and get a Masters in Applied Linguistics. I’m now 22, still live in Reading and work full-time at DMC – which is great. 

H: I also studied English Literature at university! I’m originally from West Sussex and studied at the University of Surrey for three years. Unlike Corey, I was eager to get out of education and enter the working world. I’m now 23 and living in Reading – a short drive away from the office.


There’s a common theme here… Do you think studying English influenced your decision to go into PR at all? Do you think it helps?

C: I would definitely say so. The part of the job I’ve found so exciting is that there are so many different things to be doing. There’s a lot of writing involved - press releases, social media content, blog posts etc. – which studying English obviously helps a lot with. It’s so nice to know that you spent so much time (and money!) on a degree and that its being put to such good use. 

H: I think it’s been very helpful but it isn’t crucial. Like Corey says, having great English skills is invaluable when it comes to writing press releases but there’s also many aspects of PR that don’t rely on these skills. Exceptional organisation and being a big people person are crucial qualities when delving into the world of PR.


Are there any other aspects of PR that made you want to go into the field?

H: What really appealed to me was the diversity that PR offers. I love chatting to new people so speaking to clients and forming long-lasting relationships with journalists and editors alike is something I really enjoy. I also love the writing element that this job offers. 

C: Oh, 100%. Like Hollie, I like to think of myself as quite a good communicator and that really comes in handy when chatting to clients and journalists. I’ve also always been very interested in interiors and design, so when I was applying for jobs in PR I knew that DMC would be top of the list. Now I’m working in a role that I believe suits my personality, uses my degree knowledge and is specifically focussed on an area that I’m interested in – it’s a win win…win?


So, onto your roles at DMC. How would you say the job has lived up to your expectations? 

C: I’m still in my first official couple of weeks at the company so this is probably a question more suited to Hollie. However, I will say that it has definitely lived up to expectations so far. Everyone has been so lovely and helpful and they have let me get stuck in straight away – I’m really enjoying it.

H: I wasn’t sure what to expect as the role is so versatile, but I’ve loved the challenges it’s offered me and I’m grateful that DMC provides employees with the chance to go to training courses and gain extra skills and qualifications. As we are a smaller team, I have been entrusted with a lot of responsibility and thus been given the opportunity to progress very quickly. I’ve had meetings with clients, been to events with well-known chefs and even attended an awards ceremony this month!


For anyone interested in a career in PR, what’s a typical day in the job?

H: There is no “typical” day in PR – every day is different! One day I’m in the office contacting journalists and the next I’m travelling to an event that we’ve helped to arrange for a client. I love the diversity that this job offers as I would get bored doing the same thing every day. 

C: My role really does what it says on the tin. I’m the PR & Social Media Assistant so what I do in a day is dependent on what the team needs help with on that specific day. It ranges from writing and sending out press releases for any of our clients, posting content to social media, handling journalist inquiries – it really varies but that’s what I like so much about it!


Any top tips for anyone looking to jump into the field?

H: PR is for those who like a fast-paced environment. Prior experience in PR is invaluable and confidence is a must. DMC offers internships to students over the summer so gaining experience like this not only gives you an idea of whether PR is the right career path for you, but it also gives you the edge over others in a very competitive field. This is something that I would have loved the opportunity to do at university as it would have taught me that PR was the right choice sooner rather than later.

C: It’s hard to answer this question without the typical ‘have an interest in the specific field you go into’ and ‘make sure it is suited to your skillset’ but they really are true. If I were to offer something less obvious, it would be to be prepared for a very varied workload. Like I said earlier, no two days in the office are the same and if you’re the kind of person who likes a rigid routine – it’s probably not the job for you.


Sorry Corey, but I’m afraid this one is more for Hollie. 6 months and already climbing the ranks, congratulations! How would you say you’ve managed it?

H: It’s gone by in a blur and it feels like I’ve been here for years. In the same month that I started working here, DMC had gained two new clients, so it was all hands on deck. I picked everything up very quickly and I think that’s because I was given a lot of responsibility at a very early stage – an opportunity that I don’t think I would have been given in a larger firm. As we’re a smaller PR agency, I got to know everyone in the office very well and I fit in right away. It’s challenging at times but good time management and great working relationships have really helped me to learn as much as I can about PR.  

C: When I started, I couldn’t believe she had only been here for a few months. Congrats Hollie!


So, just to finish up with the question that we all dread in an interview…Where do you both hope to be in a few years’ time?

H: I’m not one to make plans very far in advance so who knows where I’ll be in a few years’ time? I’m ambitious, love to learn and enjoy a challenge – the sky is the limit. 

C: I spent a lot of time at university being stressed about not having a specific career path in mind and, now that I’ve found something that I’m suited to and really enjoy, I can’t see myself straying from that too much. Hopefully, in a few years’ time I’ll have taken note from my friend Hollie here and made some great progress in the field. Oh, and hopefully I have a puppy too but that’s probably not so relevant.

J: Thanks for your time get back to work ;)