Top tips on designing your dream kitchen from LochAnna Kitchens

by Jasmine Burford on 17th Jan 2017

With the New Year brings new resolutions, and the urge to finally upgrade that kitchen. But when designing your dream kitchen there are some potential setbacks which can go amiss amongst the excitement of the initial planning stages. Pete Sherry, kitchen expert at our fantastic client, Lochanna Kitchens, shares his top pointers to help you plan your kitchen renovation in 2017.

Consider your lighting options

One of the first things you’ll need to consider when planning your new kitchen is the lighting, as electrics and wiring needs to be installed at the start of the project, before plastering, decorating and fitting itself. It’s an integral part of any scheme and this is your perfect opportunity to create the right ambience. Many kitchen lights are dimmable and available in either cool or warm white to suit the kitchen style and tone. Think about the kind of impact you want your lighting to create in the kitchen, whether this be illuminating plinths, inside cupboard lighting for glass fronted cabinets, under breakfast bars with dimming switches, or under cabinets for task lighting. The list goes on – so make sure you do your research!

Watch out for islands!

It’s a common misperception when designing a new kitchen that an island will easily fit inside – and with this the accompanying seating will slip in too. Make sure you measure everything several times. It is also important to take into account the correct clearance or space needed for each individual seat. In this instance the size of the unit configuration has to be compromised, potentially with one end fixed to the wall, offering just one passing point. To avoid this you could consider curved units, which allow an island to be a continuous 360 degrees whilst simultaneously clearing space.

Look for deep drawers and clever storage

There’s a trend towards innovative crockery storage this year as we are seeing an increase in drawers being used for cutlery and saucepans. This is overall a very practical solution as deep and wide drawers can be easier to access. A shallow cutlery drawer remains key in all kitchens, but more often can be found hidden inside a deeper top drawer. A larder or pantry unit also works well on many levels – for instance, to store tall household items such as ironing boards and vacuum cleaners, through to a full height storage system for groceries.

Think about space on every level

Homeowners can often become so focused on the show stopping elements of a kitchen (such as the size of appliances and iconic focal pieces) that they can end up leaving little space for storage. Designing a kitchen is a great opportunity to get creative and express an individual style statement, but it is important to carefully consider the best options to optimise space in a way that complements aesthetics. Storage solutions such as internal drawers, pull out larders and integrated waste bins are the perfect way to make the most of even the smallest areas of the kitchen. Fitted corner storage compartments that fully extend out of the cupboard are the perfect pullout mechanism to ensure that every inch of the cabinet is put to good use, including the awkward angles.

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