Two DMC clients in Sunday Times

by Emma McSweeney on 10th May 2019

Building a strong rapport with press is essential in our line of work but it is equally important to be on the lookout for new contacts where mutually-benefitting relationships can blossom over time. At DMC, we keep our finger on the pulse of all the movers and shakers in the industry to ensure we are talking to the right people at the right time.

A perfect example of this happened by chance just last week when we wrote to a new press contact to introduce our team and clients. This sparked a fantastic opportunity for two of our clients to feature in a national article published last Sunday in the Sunday Times Home supplement. The article discusses how our climate is changing and what can be done to protect and future-proof our properties against the elements. Air pollution, particularly in the home is a hot topic right now and our new air purifier client, Blueair, had just the expert research and knowledge the journalist needed to comment on why an air purifier was an essential accessory for your home as our climate heats up.

Meanwhile, the article also looked at how rising sea levels will impact the risk of flooding, especially in low and flat parts of the UK. GROHE’s market-leading innovation, the GROHE Sense Guard, one half of the brand’s water security system, was highlighted in the article as a device that could “ward off” the dangers of flooding inside the house.